In the very geologic center of Italy lies its only landlocked state — Umbria. The neighboring states of Tuscany and Lazio harbor Florence and Rome, respectively. Within Umbria itself are the delightful, and fun to explore hill towns of Perugia, Orvieto, Spoleto, Panicale, Castiglione Del Lago and Assisi.
Home base for our heartland adventure is the hill town of Citta Della Pieve — The City of Many Churches, nine in all. Its narrow, winding streets, tight passageways and back alleys are great fun to follow wherever they might lead. Citta Della Pieve is especially noted as the birthplace of the great Renaissance painter Pietro Vanucci, nicknamed “Perugino.”

Visitors will delight in their hill-town encounters with master potters, street chefs, and accomplished local musicians. In Assisi, if we’re lucky, we may even encounter a reincarnated St. Francis.

In the valleys below the hill towns we’ll find traces of the long ago passage of Roman Legions and their number one nemesis — Hannibal Barca. His story is highlighted with a visit to one of his most celebrated battlefields on the north shore of Italy’s largest inland lake — Lake Tracimeno.