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    Almost everyone knows something about Italy - from history,religion, art and architecture - to pizza.  

But now experience a whole level of learning about this incredible Country.

    From the Festivals to the pastry chefs, fishing the Adriatic to

enjoying the cheese of shepherds. Experience the life of Rome

and see the work of her master sculptors, painters and architecture.

    In this Italian Journey, you’ll gain an understanding of Italy’s goodness,her hidden beauty and her impassioned soul.  And understand her not only with your head, but more importantly- with your heart.


Steve McCurdy - Story Collectors Bio

     Steve McCurdy has directed and filmed in over twenty countries working as an independent filmmaker, producing for private and corporate organizations. 

     Appearing in person to share his experiences, Steve has a strong interest to understand how people discover and find meaning in their lives, and believes that life has meaning regardless of circumstances.