A April Fools’ Day Rotary Social was held April 1, 2011, at the Kearney Ramada Inn Piano Bar.

Those attending were Ron and Mindy Bazata, Frank and Shirley Sibert, Joe Springer Sharon Hoffman, Lisa Reese-Parrish, Tammy Jackson, Jim Cudaback, Dave Malone, Doug Deterding, Richard Kauders, Alexis McNeal.


Thanks to Cynthia Houlden and Lisa Reese-Parrish who organized the event.


From the dates appearing on the pictures below, you will probably notice that the photographer either had too many drinks or may be a little technology challenged with setting the date on the camera.

Rotary Social 2010_04_01 BRotary Social 2010_04_01 ARotary Social 2010_04_01 C